Preto & Branco (2004)


12 min

Curta-metragem   Filme de Escola  

Realização:  ·  João Rodrigues (VII)

Argumento:  ·  Frederico Lobo  ·  João Rodrigues (VII)

"Preto & Branco" is a film about itself, bordering the line between fiction and documentary. It is presented through the eyes of a narrator who leads us on a journey into an imaginary colored world. It approaches the process of image creation and the principles which make cinema possible nowadays. This is connected to the relative perception that each individual can make of his own reality. This documentary is a result of the ambiguous memories of a character who works intensively with images and different mediums and perceives reality in black and white - after an accident that is in itself a result of a mixture between reality and personal memories.
[João Rodrigues]


Estreias [#1]:
  • 2004-07-16 | Portugal | Estreia